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Ireland, that magical land of myth and legend, celebrates Christmas like the rest of the Christian world, but saves the day after for a particularly Irish tradition. December 26 is St. Stephen’s Day and, in some places - especially Co. Kerry - it’s known... Read more
Change is inevitable but there are few places where change is more obvious to the frequent visitor than Ireland. Attractions, hotels, and restaurants you visit and enjoy this year, could very well have changed hands or be gone by the next time you visit.... Read more
Someone asked me recently if there is anything to do in Ireland other than visit museums. Are you kidding? There is so much to do on the island that you couldn’t possibly do it all in one short visit. Of course, there are centuries of history to be told... Read more
Ireland, like the rest of the world, has struggled with the far-reaching impact of the Covid-19 virus. But the availability of vaccines has stemmed the tide and travel, tourism, and optimism are returning to the Emerald Isle and other vacation... Read more
Comeback announcement: Ireland will reopen on June 2 Thankfully, there is light on the tourism horizon in Ireland! Like the rest of the world, life on the island and its tourist industry have struggled with Covid restrictions. But vaccines, masks, and... Read more
Magical, mystical Ireland.   Aren’t castles just a perfect embellishment to the misty, emerald green landscape that was once the playground of kings, queens, knights, lords, and ladies? Throughout the country there are assorted castles, one more... Read more
By Judy EnrightSpecial to the BIR Welcome to March, the month to celebrate St. Patrick and everything Irish. There are so many stories about the good saint and as many questions as to whether there was just one Patrick or many who traveled around to... Read more
When you’re a bit down in the dumps about the spread of Covid and distressing news from around the world, take to a comfy chair, put your feet up and grab your Ireland travel books.  The island of Ireland is battling the coronavirus, too, so we are all on... Read more
One of the greatest things about the human condition is that we can dream. The past year has certainly seemed like more of a nightmare than a dream, but there is fresh hope as the new year dawns.  The brightest scientific minds here and across the world... Read more
If you have traveled through Ireland but haven’t been to Northern Ireland, you are missing a lot. Your next trip should definitely include a tour up to the North, which is absolutely beautiful, with rugged mountains, picturesque harbors, fascinating... Read more
  One more long, hot summer is in the books and now we can enjoy the cooler, shorter days of autumn.   FALL COLORS Even though summer and lush gardens are just a memory, Ireland still boasts brilliant fall colors in bright orange montbretia flowers,... Read more
To paraphrase a well-known saying, we say “Go North, young man, go North.” Beautiful Northern Ireland tends to be overlooked by too many travelers and more’s the pity because there’s so much to see and do there. THE NORTH If you head north out of Dublin,... Read more
      At the moment, we are in isolation because of COVID-19, but this virus can’t stop us from dreaming. In fact, this is a perfect time to sit down and dream up your next adventure in Ireland.       CASTLE HOTELS Some say a hotel is just a... Read more
Is there a single word that describes Ireland at this time of year? If so, that word would have to be “color.”  Everywhere you turn there’s color whether it’s in the green of lush fields, or the brilliant yellow flowers on gorse bushes, or the soft colors... Read more
It was no surprise really to read recent comments by Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, about the group’s focus on 2020, especially in light of the Covid-19 outbreak and the Irish government’s move to completely shut down the country to save lives. ... Read more
By Judy Enright   Strike up the band and let the celebration begin! It’s March, that most welcome precursor of spring which, as they say, breaks winter’s back. And along with bidding snow, ice, and cold farewell for another year, comes the pleasure of... Read more
Just do it! There’s no time like the present and you know you want to!  It’s easy - just hop online - or visit your favorite travel agent - and book a trip to Ireland! You won’t regret it!    How about staying in a B&B on a working farm like Cahergal... Read more
From Tourism Ireland: GALWAY 2020 OPENING CEREMONY Beginning in the farthest reaches of Galway on St Brigid’s Day, fiery celebrations will erupt in towns and villages across the county in keeping with the ancient traditions of the Irish Celtic calendar.... Read more
For your consideration: My favorite Ireland experiences The New Year has dawned, as bright, fresh and clean as snowflakes. It’s exciting and refreshing because it is a new beginning and brings hope and trust that all will be well in the year ahead. This... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR It sure seems as though this mad world needs the peace, quiet, and holiness of the Christmas season this year to offset the turmoil and turbulence that’s raging everywhere. Has there ever been a time in recent memory... Read more