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by Judy Enright Special to the BIR Want to know where to go when you visit Ireland? Well, check out recommendations from some of the Irish who voted for the best place to vacation in Ireland. The Irish Times newspaper recently announced 25 locations... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR There was a time not so long ago in Ireland when bicycles and feet were the primary modes of transportation, especially out in the rural areas. Of course, there were motorized vehicles then, too, but certainly not the... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration is always extraordinary and lasts for much longer than just a day. But as spectacular as the annual festival always is, this year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet... Read more
BY JUDY ENRIGHT SPECIAL TO THE BIR Would I ever steer you wrong about Ireland and all things Irish? No, I never, ever would. So, I love it when I mention my favorite tourist attractions and accommodations and others agree. For instance, Ireland’s... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Since before 2010, when the Benedictine nuns closed their highly regarded school for girls at Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, the most frequent question in the area has been: “What next?” Would the picturesque castle,... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR It’s hard to fully appreciate the amazing colors and complex details in the late artist Harry Clarke’s magnificent stained glass windows The Immaculate Conception window (1925) in St. Mary’s in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. (... Read more
by Judy Enright Special to the BIR One of many things I love about Ireland is that each time you visit, you are likely to be surprised by something that you haven’t before seen or experienced. Each season and location brings its own set of special... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR The Irish are a wind-loving lot – and why not when they are so often buffeted by the gales that swirl around the greenest island in the Atlantic? While some here complain that wind turbines block their vistas, the Irish... Read more
Resplendent: Kylemore Abbey If you’ve traveled through the West of Ireland, you have almost certainly stopped to visit Kylemore Abbey, built in the 1800s by Mitchell Henry for his wife, Margaret. Kylemore is one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions for so... Read more
Clonalis in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, the ancestral home of the O'Conor family By Judy Enright Special to the BIR The Irish have totally mastered the art of bed and breakfast accommodation, offering many wonderful and welcoming B&Bs all across the... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR A trip to Donegal this spring reminds me about how lovely and lively that county really is. Sadly, not many Americans travel so far north and that’s a great pity. Donegal is visually stunning and offers so much to... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR The clerk in the upscale Connemara shop said, “Sheep sell. Items here with sheep on them fly out the door!” She had seen me admiring a large display of ceramic mugs, coasters, magnets, cards, prints, and more – by Thomas... Read more
Let’s talk food – Irish food. In short, it’s great! You may still be able to find a pub that serves dry, tasteless ham or cheese sandwiches on bland bread, but for the most part, food is fresh, locally sourced, and truly outstanding and not just in the... Read more
Irish castle Elegant castles and ruins are scattered across the Irish countryside and add an air of romance and mystery to this mystical island. It’s fun trying to imagine life in those feudal days and how castle dwellers coped without instant... Read more
14 from its pews boarded the Titanic, only 3 survived; Memorial Week is April 8-15 Lehardane Catherine Bourke, Nora Fleming, Delia Mahon, Annie McGowan, John Bourke, Annie Kate Kelly, Pat Canavan, Delia McDermott, Mary Mangan, Kate McGowan, James Flynn,... Read more
By Judy Enright, Special to the BIR Each traveler has definite likes and dislikes about what makes a trip special. Some are bound by time constraints and can only get away from their “real” lives for a short time; others enjoy spending more time to see as... Read more
It's hard to believe that another year has sped past, leaving behind some good and some not-so-good memories, and that 2012 has now been launched. As the year turns, it's fun to remember all the things we love about Ireland, especially what we experienced... Read more
by Judy Enright Special to the BIR Is it because this country is such a grand melting pot that so many of us are engaged in the search for our roots? There are, of course, a number of sensible reasons for learning about your past: ancient traditions that... Read more
In this digital age, it seems that everyone who picks up a camera is instantly a “photographer.” And, true, many amateurs are pretty good, but the flip side of the coin is those gifted photographic artists like Tim Durham from Co. Westmeath, whose work... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Some people say that carefully choosing accommodation in Ireland isn’t all that important because, after all, you just sleep in those places. For a lot of travelers, that seems to be all too true. They just slog from one... Read more