Travel & Tourism in Ireland

Just do it! There’s no time like the present and you know you want to!  It’s easy - just hop online - or visit your favorite travel agent - and book a trip to Ireland! You won’t regret it!    How about staying in a B&B on a working farm like Cahergal... Read more
From Tourism Ireland: GALWAY 2020 OPENING CEREMONY Beginning in the farthest reaches of Galway on St Brigid’s Day, fiery celebrations will erupt in towns and villages across the county in keeping with the ancient traditions of the Irish Celtic calendar.... Read more
For your consideration: My favorite Ireland experiences The New Year has dawned, as bright, fresh and clean as snowflakes. It’s exciting and refreshing because it is a new beginning and brings hope and trust that all will be well in the year ahead. This... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR It sure seems as though this mad world needs the peace, quiet, and holiness of the Christmas season this year to offset the turmoil and turbulence that’s raging everywhere. Has there ever been a time in recent memory... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Ireland is notable for many things, but high on that list is the dedication of its residents and organizations to preserving and sharing treasured antiquities. In cities, towns and across the countryside, there are... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR October is a wicked and wonderful month of ghoulies and ghosties, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, haunted houses, and so much fun as the world celebrates Halloween. Don’t think for a minute that Ireland doesn’t... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Ireland in the autumn could be just the right prescription for those who relish tranquility and eschew the frenzy of summer tourism. Most tourist attractions are still open in September and there is much to do around the... Read more
BY JUDY ENRIGHT SPECIAL TO THE BIR Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer; if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. We are probably all too familiar with that old song. How many of us gritted our... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Ireland and its many visitors are blessed with an extensive and varied choice of accommodation across the country. Today’s traveler can choose any type of overnight experience from castles and manor houses to B&Bs... Read more
BY JUDY ENRIGHT SPECIAL TO THE BIR Gweedore, in northern Co. Donegal, is probably not a location too many of us American travelers have discovered. Sadly, most visitors stop their northern trek in Donegal Town and that’s a real pity because Gweedore is in... Read more
BY JUDY ENRIGHT SPECIAL TO THE BIR “Shucks,” David Keane might have said to his wife and family back in 2014. “Maybe we should buy an oyster farm.” Five years later, he’s happily shucking oysters for visitors touring DK Connemara Oysters Ltd. in... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Is there a truer (or cuter) sign of spring in Ireland than the fluffy young lambs that run, jump, and frolic in the emerald green fields? It’s a sure sign of the new year and rebirth of the world after an often long,... Read more
March is here – and that means it’s nearly spring in New England! Ireland is already enjoying spring weather and the daffodil, that cheery harbinger of warmer weather, has been blooming and brightening the landscape for several weeks and its season is now... Read more
No matter how often you visit Ireland, you can nearly always find something fun, new, and interesting. Last autumn, we loved hearing on the radio and reading about “UFO sightings” in Irish skies. Local radio stations were abuzz with reports that... Read more
With January marking the dawn of another year, this seems a great time to share some of Ireland’s many special attributes and attractions. That’s easy enough to say, but it’s very difficult to compress all that Ireland offers into one column. Instead we’... Read more
Shannon Airport was already in holiday mode when I traveled through in mid-November - proof positive that the Irish take Christmas very seriously and love to celebrate the season. Two enormous, sparkling Christmas trees were erected at the end of the Aer... Read more
If you have ever visited the magical, mystical Burren in Co. Clare, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there’s nearly as much going on in places beneath the karst landscape as there is above ground. DOOLIN CAVE One such place is just north of... Read more
There is so much to enjoy when visiting Ireland and it’s always nice to remember your trip with a souvenir or two. But as seasoned travelers know, there is limited space and weight allowed in homebound suitcases and that could curb your urge to spend. I’... Read more
BY JUDY ENRIGHT SPECIAL TO THE BIR Is there anyone on earth who hasn’t heard about the Titanic hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912 with the resulting loss of more than 1,500 lives? If so, the uninformed must be living in the back of beyond! It... Read more