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Ireland is a virtual goldmine for history buffs. There are museums aplenty, multiple monuments, lovely historic homes, and hotels that welcome guests. MANOR HOUSE HOTELS This spring, a friend and I headed north and spent two nights at Beech Hill Country... Read more
Summer may be slipping away, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in Ireland in August. The country is still buzzing with activities for all ages. 40 YEARS OF CHANGES I’m often asked how Ireland has changed during the four decades or so when I’ve... Read more
It’s such fun to discover and explore different places in Ireland. No matter how many times you visit, you can always find something new if you just get out and look around. Every spring for the past 20 years, I’ve rented the same house on Clew Bay in Co... Read more
by Judy Enright Special to the BIR As most homeowners know, it can be very expensive to protect property from the ravages of time and weather. So, imagine how costly it must be to maintain a huge 18th Century mansion such as Westport House in Westport,... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR If you’ve been to Ireland but haven’t visited Northern Ireland, another trip should definitely be on your agenda. We recently visited the glorious Antrim Coast and stayed at a charming hotel – Beech Hill Country House... Read more
By Judy Enright Depending on whether you’re a “glass half empty” or “glass half full” type of person, this was either a bad or good year for St. Patrick in Ireland. While communities on the east and south coasts celebrated the patron saint’s day with... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR It’s that glorious month when everyone, everywhere is Irish regardless of ancestry or nationality.Croagh Patrick, the holy mountain in Co. Mayo, is known for its association with Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint,... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR You’re having fun planning your first trip to Ireland and you wonder whether you should take an organized tour? Yes, absolutely. That’s a great idea, especially if you’ve never been before. Generally speaking,... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR January, the window into 2017, invites a review of some of our favorite places, accommodations, and attractions in Ireland for travelers who might visit this year. The island offers every kind of activity an active... Read more
By Judy Enright. Special to the BIR Lovely stained glass window in St. Patrick’s Church, Lahardane, Co. Mayo, by the late, great Harry Clarke. The season of peace and tranquility is thankfully upon us after a tumultuous, wild, and wooly year. No matter... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Patricia Daly handpaints decorative items at Celtic Weave China in Cloghore, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. How does a traveler to Ireland take the pulse of this foreign land? Some visitors like to get the scoop from... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR There’s a lot to love about Ireland in October – and every other month, too, of course. By October, most tourists have been and gone, their vacations often dictated by children’s school schedules. But don’t worry: There... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR You spot Black Donkey, 9 White Deer, and a Black Boar. Are you at an Irish farmhouse, tourist attraction, or nature park? Not at all. You are in a pub on the West Coast of Ireland sampling some of the many varieties of... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the Reporter Some travelers claim that it doesn’t really matter what type of accommodation you choose when you’re on a trip because “it’s just a place to sleep.” We heartily disagree. Securing interesting places to stay in... Read more
By JUDY ENRIGHT Special to the BIR Not every hotel has a book written about it, but the Bush Hotel in lovely Leitrim is not just any hotel. A friend and I stayed there this spring and were delighted by the sincere and warm welcome extended by the staff of... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR Color is the operative word in Ireland these days – brilliant color from the greenest of fields and occasional blue skies to flowering plants, trees, and bushes whose colors pop when sunshine hits them in gardens, yards... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR It’s all about food and creative menus in Ireland these days. If someone tells you the food in Ireland isn’t good, they have either not been here for about 30 years or they have made some horribly poor choices in... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR As we’ve said many times in the past, Ireland’s tourism staff are absolutely tops at promoting their favorite country. Hats off to Tourism Ireland here – called Failte Ireland there - for consistently outstanding work to... Read more
By Judy Enright, Special to the BIR It’s March and Ireland is alive and lively after a cold and stormy winter. It is, of course, St. Patrick’s time to shine and a month when everyone is Irish, regardless of heritage. ST. PATRICK’S FESTIVAL From March... Read more
By Judy Enright Special to the BIR What? Orchids grow wild in Ireland? Well, sure. In fact, there are about 27 native orchid species that grow in Ireland and more than 20 of those are found in the Burren in Co. Clare, on the Wild Atlantic Way on the West... Read more