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The Boston Irish Reporter, an Irish American monthly newspaper published for 30 years, 1990-2019, circulated to subscribers and at newsstands throughout Boston and New England. Bostonirish.com is the online home of the Boston Irish Reporter. In 2020, the monthly publication was succeeded by Boston Irish, a quarterly magazine with a robust online presence at bostonirish.com

The newspaper and website are owned and operated by Boston Neighborhood News, Inc., a Dorchester-based company. Husband-and-wife team Ed and Mary Forry launched the publishing company in 1983, to provide their hometown with timely and insightful news, opinion and information about Boston's largest neighborhood. The Reporter newspapers have won a number of awards for excellence in journalism, including from the New England Newspaper Association and UMass Boston Center for Media and Society; the Dorchester Reporter has twice been named Best Neighborhood Newspaper, and bostonirish.com was labeled "Boston's Best Source" for Irish news and information..

Boston Irish is a companion with other titles owned by Boston Neighborhood News, Inc.: the Dorchester Reporter, Mattapan Reporter and the Boston Haitian Reporter.

For more on the history of the Reporter newspapers, please read this 2008 article by Jack Thomas which marked the 25th anniversary of the publishing company.

More about the first 25 years of the Reporter newspapers may be found in this commemorative edition published in December 2008.

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Press releases and images - and also ideas about potential news stories - may be submitted through our website or via e-mail to news@bostonirish.com. We accept materials through the mail, but regret that we cannot return images like photos, etc.
Advertising material may be sent to addesk@bostonirish.com. We encourage digital submissions via e-mail.

Letters to the editor may be sent via e-mail to letters@bostonirish.com or faxed to 617-825-5516.

Boston Neighborhood News Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome inquiries from prospective reporters, freelance writers, photographers and sales staff; please send all inquiries by e-mail to news@bostonirish.com. Please include a sample of your work and a resume.

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William P. Forry
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Advertising Manager

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