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By Ed Forry This terrible pandemic has caused havoc in everyone’s lives. People don’t go to the office anymore. Children don’t go to school. Six months in, many small businesses remain closed, too many have closed down, many gone forever.  Sunday Masses... Read more
by Ed ForryBoston Irish Publisher Last week, when I early voted in the upcoming  Democratic primary election, I cast my vote to re-elect Ed Markey as our United States Senator. Senator Markey has been a shining light on any number of issues during his... Read more
by Ed ForryBoston Irish Publisher One of Greater Boston’s leading philanthropies is reaching out to non-profit within the broader Irish community to apply for grants to support their efforts. The Woburn based Cummings Foundation plans to disburse $25... Read more
Just in- June 4,2020, 1:00 pmJoseph E. Corcoran, a Dorchester native, devoted philantrhopist and developer who transformed the Columbia Point peninsula, has died at age 84. According to his family, Mr. Corcoran died at his home surrounded by children and... Read more
I sat spellbound in my home this week, watching and listening to this extraordinary documentary about  Liam O'Flynn, the magnificent Irish Uilleann piper and Irish traditional musician. A founding member of the Irish trad group Planxty, O'Flynn recorded... Read more
You have in your hands (or rather, on your screen) the inaugural edition of a new publication that’s all about the community bearing that name.  I am not sure what term fits best to describe this new venture. It’s designed to be a magazine, but it’s... Read more
BY ED FORRY Congressman Richie Neal, the Democrat who now chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Commit-tee, took up a number of matters when he spoke at a New England Council breakfast at the Seaport Hotel last month. Joking that “there’s not much... Read more
By Ed Forry Ten years ago, when we first gathered with some friends and advisors to discuss how to sponsor an annual luncheon featuring stories drawn from Boston’s large Irish community, we had a central idea in mind: We hoped to honor the remarkable... Read more
By Ed Forry IRELAND – I made that long-awaited trip to Ireland last month, spending 12 days on the Emerald Isle, most of it along the Wild Atlantic Way, all of it in the west. The weather in Ireland held up as expected: some rain, some sun, and lots of... Read more
I watched a wonderful video on Facebook that showed our friend Kieran Jordan dancing in full form at last month’s 25th annual Catskills Irish Festival. I was really pleased to see it and felt very encouraged to see how she had responded to her illness.... Read more
By Ed Forry Over the years, dear reader, I have used this space to ask you the question, “Is this the year to take a trip to Ireland, the home of your ancestors, to discover what you can of your Irish roots?” The upcoming year will mark the 30th... Read more
by Ed Forry BIR Publisher It was a grand night on April 27 at Boston’s Seaport Hotel as several hundred guests applauded Kathy O’Toole, the recipient of the Eire Society of Boston’s 2019 Gold Medal Award. A native of Pittsfield, she was born Kathleen... Read more
BY ED FORRY The Irish Pastoral Centre was founded in 1987 to help the transition to American life for a then-burgeoning wave of young Irish immigrants. A 501(C)(3) non-profit funded in part by grants from the Irish government, the IPC is housed in part of... Read more
By Ed Forry The month of March is always a busy one on the Boston Irish social scene, and the last week of the month featured a showcase of Irish traditional music, song, and dance highlighting the city of Limerick. Our city was visited by representatives... Read more
Ciarán Cannon T.D., Ireland’s Minister for the Diaspora and International Development, spent two intensive days in town last month meeting with Irish groups here. We spoke on his visit to the Irish Pastoral Centre in Dorchester. Q. What’s the purpose of... Read more
It soon might not be quite as easy to spot the daily Aer Lingus flights from Ireland as they approach Logan Airport. That’s because the airline has commissioned a new design for its aircraft, and for Eire-philes like myself, used to looking skyward to... Read more
by ED FORRY Old friend Bill O’Donnell checked in by phone from his home in Rhode Island just before Christmas. For more than two decades, Bill was a stalwart in these pages, and his monthly column, erudite and informed, was always a joy. His insightful... Read more
By Ed Forry "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" From “The New Colossus,” by Emma... Read more
BY ED FORRY A couple who have spent decades helping Boston kids stay safe and achieve their dreams; a Catholic priest who ministers to the city’s most vulnerable; and a pioneering ENT physician with roots in Dublin. These were the very worthy honorees at... Read more
Bill Delahunt’s career in public office spanned four decades, from a term representing his hometown Quincy as a state representative and 14 years as a member of Congress. The largest part of his public service career were the 22 years he spent as district... Read more


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