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In January, 2020 the Boston Irish Reporter newspaper transitioned to a new, periodical schedule, with a new branding, BostonIrish. The well-­loved news and feature content that was so familiar in print is now published online at

The digital site is supplemented by a quarterly periodical print edition; the inaugural print edition became available on March 1, 2020-- a special St. Patrick’s edition. In coming months, there will be summer, fall, and winter editions in a newly designed print edition.

This change to our print timeline is accompanied by a more robust presence at our website,, the online home of our work since 1997. While the web has been an important vehicle for disseminating our news and resources for more than two decades, it has been ramped-up with new and timely additional news and features complete with daily news updates, breaking news and commentary that’s more timely relevant to your day-to-day consumption of news.Boston Irish news and features are available at no cost online at

It’s quick and easy to access our news and features online, and full current and archival issues in pdf format are available for free download. To subscribe to future printed editions by US Postal mail. please complete this form and the next four editions in print, mailed to your home or office by USPS First Class Mail.

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