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Every year for the past two decades and more, Cambridge resident and violin maker Bob Childs has organized a family reunion that is unique in a few ways - including the fact that none of the participants are technically related to him. Childs is the... Read more
A column of news and updates of the Boston Celtic Music Fest (BCMFest), which celebrates the Boston area's rich heritage of Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton music and dance with a grassroots, musician-run winter music festival and other events during the year... Read more
Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music was the first school in the United States to offer formal training in jazz.  Today its reputation spans all musical genres and its student body is an international melting pot of individuals from more than 70... Read more
On Old Cape Cod, the nine-mile stretch along Route 28 from Hyannis to Harwich is fast becoming more like Galway or Kerry than the Cape of legend from years ago. This high-traffic run of roadway is dominated by Irish flags, Irish pubs, Irish restaurants,... Read more
The so-called Celtic Tiger, a period of unprecedented economic prosperity in Ireland, seems now to have lost much of its bite. But its teeth marks - at least in the form of unprecedented social changes underwritten in large part by that prosperity -... Read more
Celtic music is played all over the world, on stages  before capacity crowds in venues of all sizes and settings. But however you dress it up, and wherever you take it out, the music sounds most at home in an honest-to-goodness session, whether in a pub... Read more
Boston and Eastern Massachusetts residents whose summer plans include a sampling of Irish/Celtic music festivals may have to work a little harder to whet their appetites. Some Massachusetts area summer events that have become familiar stops for Irish/... Read more