Rian Immigrant Center

The countdown to our Solas Awards Celebration is on! Gather your friends, family and the drink of your choice on November 9 for an hour of fun. We'll start our celebration at 6:30pm with a virtual meet & greet on Remo, a virtual celebration space. You... Read more
RIAN IMMIGRANT CENTER One State Street, 8th Fl, Boston, MA 02109 Tel. (617) 542-7654- Fax (617) 542-7655 Email: immigration@riancenter.org - Website: riancenter.org An organization accredited by the US Department of Justice Q. I mailed my application for... Read more
Q.   I’m an Irish citizen who recently gave birth to a child here in the US.  I want to get a US passport for my child before we take a trip to Ireland this summer, if that will be possible by then.  Does the child’s father need to come with me or sign... Read more
About a year ago, University of Limerick graduate James Frawley was hoping to grow his understanding of architecture by coming to the US. Needless to say, James was excited to see and explore the impressive architecture that New York is famous for,... Read more
  While honoring its Irish roots, our new name, Rian (pronounced “REE-ann”), which comes from the Irish word for a pathway through obstacles, a pathway forged when it seems there is no way forward, reflects the nonprofit organization’s mission to serve... Read more