The sky's the limit for James Frawley

About a year ago, University of Limerick graduate James Frawley was hoping to grow his understanding of architecture by coming to the US. Needless to say, James was excited to see and explore the impressive architecture that New York is famous for, recalling fondly, “my daily commutes were spent star gazing at many famous architectural works.”

One of the first lessons James learned during his J-1 experience was that he finally understood why a New York work experience makes one’s resume stand out among others. Living in a big city like NYC, James knew that he was likely to encounter many opportunities. He promptly secured an internship and now he feels that he “will have a broader skill set and knowledge which will aid in negotiating a better contract for myself.” The change in scenery allowed James to widen his horizons and be able to learn more about life and hone his professional skills.

Now that he’s done with his visa, James has plenty of advice for future exchange visitors coming on the J-1 IWT visa. The fact that the visa does not require a placement makes it easier to enter the US, but the pressure to find an internship in a short time can be difficult to handle. For James, it’s all about “getting out there,” and, he suggests, being “fully confident in your own abilities and approach with an attitude, to prospective employers, that you will be an exceptional addition to the firm.” On a different note, in terms of accommodation, James recommends living close or in the city. “Everything will seem expensive but that will all cool down in a month or two when you learn how to budget and balance for yourself.”

After becoming more independent and learning the intricate differences between Irish and American culture, James is sure to continue his personal and professional development. James was mainly hoping to get some professional experience, but New York welcomed him with much more than that. As a result, James Frawley will set his sights even higher!


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