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Niamh Ní Charra, “Donnelly’s Arm” • When she’s not playing fiddle or concertina, or singing in Gaelic or English, Killarney native (and one-time “Riverdance” musician) Ní Charra toils as a professional archivist. If that summons up images of somebody... Read more
Vincent Crotty will be returning to the New Art Center in Newton, MA this fall. The class, called "Painting Believable Light" will meet on Tuesday afternoons, in person. Details here.   Crotty's home studio is open by appointment for private viewings and... Read more
After seven years as a quite active musician in Greater Boston’s Irish/Celtic and folk scene, Lily Honigberg has traded in “Love That Dirty Water” for “California Dreaming”; cold, icy winters for warm, rainy ones; the Atlantic for the Pacific; Red Sox for... Read more
A look at live, in-person Irish/Celtic events in Greater Boston/Eastern Massachusetts for September. Please note that details may have changed, or the events may have been postponed or cancelled, since press time.   •The Lowell Irish Festival got off to a... Read more
 “Virtual Celtic” explores online concerts, festivals, workshop,s and other events that feature or include Celtic music. Please note that details may have changed, or the events may have been postponed or cancelled, since press time.   •The Fleadh Cheoil... Read more
There was a time when Boston-area musician Hanneke Cassel – one of the premier Scottish and Cape Breton-style fiddlers in the US – didn’t think much of Celtic music. As a kid, the Oregon native played, and competed in, Texas-style fiddle. But her teacher... Read more
“Rockaway Blue is a big, fiery, Irish-American masterpiece – a spellbinding story with characters that come to life with every turn of the page.”— Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl Written by author, playwright, and musician Larry Kirwan, 'Rockaway Blue... Read more
  It’s happening – slowly but surely. Greater Boston’s Irish/Celtic scene is showing signs of renewal as the Covid-19 crisis continues – albeit with concerns still evident – to recede. Some of the popular regular sessions have started up again, notably... Read more
Due to the ongoing issues with the pandemic, the continued closure of the US  border to Europe and the lengthy delays in processing the visas needed to tour and perform in the US, Irish  Supergroup Celtic Thunder has taken a decision to move its US and... Read more
Performances by some of Greater Boston’s best Celtic musicians will provide a festive climax to the Independence Day holiday weekend, when the seventh annual Summer BCMFest (Boston Celtic Music Fest) takes place in Harvard Square’s Club Passim on July 4... Read more
The girl’s auburn tresses, roseate wind-kissed complexion, and startlingly blue eyes remain frozen in time. From the moment over a century ago that the famed American artist Robert Henri (1865-1929) immortalized her on canvas on Achill Island, Mary O’... Read more
“Virtual Celtic” explores online concerts, festivals, workshops and other events that feature or include Celtic music. Please note that details may have changed, or the events may have been postponed or cancelled, since press time.   •Dorchester-born... Read more
The band’s name comes from the title of a fiddle tune found in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and all but one of its members are natives of the American Midwest. Still, the musical pedigree of the Boston-based quartet Ship in the Clouds is unmistakably Irish.... Read more
•Brian Finnegan, “Hunger of the Skin” • Look, it’s pretty clear that many, if not most, music recordings dating from roughly late 2019 to now, and probably into next year, are going to have at least some pandemic-related association, explicit, overt, or... Read more
East Durham, NY, is the place to be Memorial Day Weekend •East Durham, NY, is a familiar place on the map for Irish music enthusiasts – it’s the home of the Catskill Irish Arts Week, which offers concerts, workshops and about a billion sessions every July... Read more
‘A clatter more’ from Andy Irvine Andy Irvine, “Old Dog, Long Road, Vol. 2” • When Irvine released “Old Dog, Long Road, Vol. 1” two years ago, he suggested the possibility of a follow-up: “If this album is well received,” he wrote in the liner notes, “... Read more
For years, Boston-area musician Julian Loida tried to find a way to properly commemorate the life of his beloved Irish grandmother Bridget Patricia Albright (neé Foody), who died in 2016, and what she meant to him. It wasn’t just the fact of her passing... Read more
Danny Diamond and Brian Miller, “Let Fly” • Besides possessing one of the most pleasantly alliterative names (which also sounds like a character from a 1940s Western ) in Irish music, Diamond has a multifaceted portfolio that encompasses the group Mórga,... Read more
•Boston-area musicians Joey Abarta and Alan Murray are among the performers/teachers at the annual Saint Louis Tionól, which takes place April 22-25. They’ll be joined by luminaries such as Liz Knowles, Kieran O’Hare and Pat Broaders (the members of the... Read more
Boston holds quite some significance in the life and times of Irish singer-songwriter Karan Casey. She lived in the area briefly during her 20s, and it was at The Burren in Somerville where she had her “first night out” with her husband-to-be, musician... Read more