BIR History

By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff In Boston’s Irish North End during the Civil War, President Lincoln was not a popular figure for all In the new film Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis brings that towering figure into stunning life on every level. Throughout the... Read more
by Stephen M. Pingel Special to the BIR Following is the eighth in a series of articles on individuals who had a substantial impact on civic life in Ireland in the 20th century.Bobby Sands 1954-1981 Beginning in the late 1960s, many of the most dramatic... Read more
By Martin McGovern Special to the BIR The Emmy-award winning Irish filmmaker Gerry Gregg is the man who produced the first major documentary about the Holocaust made in Ireland. His 2009 production, Till the Tenth Generation, tells the story of Tomi... Read more
By Matthew DeLuca Special to the BIR A former agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Paul Doyle knows that people are fascinated by undercover police work. But it wasn’t the dark allure of the criminal element that drove him to pen a memoir... Read more
By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff (Third in a Series about the Catholic Church and Boston politics.) In many ways, no one could replace Cardinal Richard J. Cushing of Boston. His death in November 1970 marked the end of an era in more ways than one for the... Read more
Cardinal Richard Cushing Left a Stamp on the Political Landscape By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff Second of three articles. “I’m no theologian,” Cardinal Richard Cushing liked to say.  His self-deprecating humor notwithstanding, Cushing had no trouble wading... Read more
"When Congressman Curley is in Boston," one of the papers wrote in 1913, "though his political influence is now supposed to be with the federal department heads, he is just as busy pulling favors at City Hall as when he was an alderman and councilor.... Read more
Irish-Born Colonel Thomas Cass Proved That He and His Fellow Irish Would Fight, Die To Protect the Union In American military annals, "the Fighting Sixty-Ninth" Regiment is steeped in legend. The New York unit, comprised largely of Irish Americans,... Read more