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By Ed Forry “How far we all come. How far we all come away from ourselves,” James Agee wrote in “A Death in the Family.” “You can never go home again.” Well home again I did go last month, to a special gathering to observe the 50th anniversary of my... Read more
Boston’s St. Patrick’s events were the occasion of the visit to Boston of Frances Fitzgerald, T.D., the Ireland government minister who is designing new initiatives to protect the country’s children. Fitzgerald, T.D., who serves in the Dail representing... Read more
By Ed Forry An Academy Award-winning short film made in Northern Ireland, a new feature film made in County Tip starring American favorite Martin Sheen and supporting actor Stephen Rea, and a documentary about Barack Obama’s Irish cousins and his mother’s... Read more
BY ED FORRY, BIR Publisher The new year brought sad news for local Hibernians: The death of Damien Brennan, a 24-year-old youth worker who lived and worked in Belfast, N.I. Damien was five years old in 1992 when he became the victim of a vicious crime: he... Read more
Volvo Boat Race Heads for Galway Finish Line in July By Ed Forry Almost three years ago, in late May 2009, Boston was a stopover port for the Volvo Ocean Race, an around-the-world, nine-month yacht race. The tenth running of the race that year began in... Read more
by Ed Forry BIR Publisher In 1990, when first we began to publish this newspaper, the plan was to tell “the stories of Boston’s Irish.” We noted then that there were scores of stories about the culture of Boston’s broad and diverse Irish culture that were... Read more
The president of Dublin City University, Brian MacCraith, visited Boston on Oct. 17 to develop academic and technology partnerships. The holder of a PhD from NUI Galway, Dr. MacCraith, who began his ten-year presidential term in last year, has been a... Read more
The Coast Road out of Galway city along the northern shores of Galway Bay is always a pleasant drive. The R336 passes through Barna, Furbo, and Killough, and on through Spiddal, gradually pulling away from the edge of the bay, going inland towards... Read more
By Ed Forry The summer of 2011 is all but history now. The sultry days are mostly behind us, some of the kids are back in school, the tomatoes are at last almost all ripe on the vine. In just the last fortnight, Bostonians have lived through first an... Read more
By Ed Forry When the Irish government underwent a transfer in power last winter with the removal of Brian Cowen’s Fianna Fáil party and the installation of Fine Gael ‘s Enda Kenny as Taoiseach, there followed, predictably, major changes in policy... Read more
By Ed Forry The story of the closing of the Irish Social Club (ISC) in West Roxbury apparently has several chapters still to be written. The facility, located in a converted bowling alley on Park Street, just off busy Centre Street, had for years been a... Read more
When first we heard the word that some brave American military personnel, Navy Seals all, had risked their lives to take out Osama bin Laden, there was a feeling of exhilaration. Here, in early May 2011, almost ten full years since OBL engineered the mass... Read more
by Ed Forry For those lingering lost souls who struggle accepting that the American people voted to elect Barack Obama as their president, there were a few public utterances made within a few short days this spring that speak volumes about political... Read more
By Ed Forry The Irish were in charge at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day last month – or so it seemed. Even as the fountain on the north lawn was filled with green dye, and the colors of the Emerald Isle adorned the East Room, several hundred Irish... Read more
By Ed Forry Barney McGinniskin was the first Irish cop in Boston. He arrived in Boston’s North End from County Galway in the 1840s, and found work as a laborer, until finally, on Nov. 4, 1851, he was hired by the city and he put on the blue waistcoat of... Read more
By Ed Forry A group of local Irish Americans are gathering up again this year to host an afternoon of Irish music, dance, and merriment in April to raise funds to help victims of last years earthquake in Haiti. “Irish Hearts for Haiti” is chaired by... Read more
By Ed Forry The gridlock that seems to have enveloped Washington D.C. in the two years since Barack Obama was elected has come to define the country in this first decade of the 21st century. Such ephemeral nonsense as demands for the president’s birth... Read more
A Boston lawyer with expertise in immigration law is calling on Irish advocates to reach out for Congressional help in amending a special visa program that benefits Australians who want to work in the United States. Attorney John Philip Foley, an... Read more
Four years ago, this newspaper endorsed the candidacy of Deval Patrick because of what we saw in him: The promise of a transformational leader who would bring change to state government. Four years later, we endorse his candidacy for a more concrete... Read more
By Ed Forry In the fall of 1990, when my late dear wife Mary Casey Forry and I discussed the idea of publishing a newspaper about Irish Boston, we were not well informed about the land of our ancestors. Mary’s mom and dad had come over in the1930s – Mary... Read more


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