Jack Connolly’s intern story: Tech success during COVID

Finding an internship during the coronavirus pandemic is not an easy task. However, Jack Connolly of Dublin did not let this get in his way. Anticipating the challenge, Jack began searching for positions “day and night” before he arrived in the US as “COVID certainly caused numerous companies to pause their hiring during this time, meaningless jobs and roles were available.”

Jack used LinkedIn to aid in his internship search and secured a sales development role with the San Francisco-based tech company Spot. Working remotely was not what Jack had originally envisioned for his J-1 experience; however, he said, “my team and management have been incredible leaders to work with, and I have learned continuously from day one, a huge reason why I love my role.” Jack hopes to continue his career in the field, and is considering branching out into marketing or strategy; he is even thinking about management and team leadership. His internship has also brought him a greater knowledge of the technology industry, especially since San Francisco is the tech-hub of the US.

Despite the challenges Jack has had to adjust to during this difficult time, through his connections and coworkers his knowledge and eagerness to learn have grown daily. He has been working diligently to achieve personal goals and improve. “Without a doubt, this internship has prepared me to succeed in this field,” he says. “I could never have gotten this experience from being limited to only Ireland.”

Jack has participated in socially distant cultural activities while in the US, such as Pride and the 4th of July in San Francisco, as well as trips to Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley. He says that participating in these activities “opened his eyes to how 

another country celebrates a national holiday and the history that lies behind these monumental events.”

Despite the challenges of living away from home and finding work in another country, Jack used these experiences as a chance to grow and become more independent. “The opportunity to travel and work on another continent is an experience that not everyone gets to fulfill,” he says. “Therefore, be proud of how far you have come and look forward to the wonderful journey you have ahead of you.”

Despite the impact of the coronavirus, Jack has truly made the best of his time in the US to date, and has appreciated Rian’s assistance throughout, “I have felt at ease knowing that I have a sponsor that offers consistent help, whatever the circumstance.”