Fox’s Sean Hannity Cons Unsuspecting Viewers

After years of casually watching Fox TV News, I have come to distrust much of what is churned out daily by the so-called news channel on its cable network. And after reading the research and monitoring reports by the respected fact-gatherers at the Media Matters organization, I have come to see that nighttime TV talk show host Sean Hannity’s stock in trade is a collection of lies, misrepresentations, misquotes, deceptive examples of Democratic sins, unsupported smears, and a reliance on labeling President Obama as a Muslim and/or a non-citizen long after those specious allegations have been put to rest.

The indictment of the seemingly avuncular Hannity by the media watchdog offers as evidence numerous misstatements and outright lies, but unfortunately I only have he space for a handful:
• He used Republican (RNC)-doctored, dishonest audio of Supreme Court arguments to attack health care reform.
• He distorted Congressional Budget Office numbers to falsely charge that if Obama was re-elected taxes would go up 30 percent. Hasn’t happened!
• He falsely claimed that a White House science advisor had advocated “compulsory abortion” months after that claim was labeled a ‘pants on fire’ lie after Glenn Beck first aired it.
• He used cropped, distorted and misused quotes over and over again to indict the mainstream media of liberal bias.
• Long after it was widely disproved, Hannity ignored the facts to repeatedly claim Obama’s policies had not helped improve the economy.
Warning: If you watch Fox News exclusively it may prove to be dangerous to your credibility and judgment!