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There was a time in Washington when politics was the means to an end. The end was governing. The messy process of politics was applied to gain office and then to develop and secure passage of legislation that reflected a public policy consensus. Politics... Read more
The month of July marks the most difficult time of the year for Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city. It is in the seventh month that the Protestant community, led by the notorious Orange Order, annually renews the famous “marching season,” sending... Read more
By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff The deal is completely legal. Medical-device titan Medtronic will soon complete a $42.9 billion deal to gobble up Massachusetts-based outfit Covidien. The swollen pact benefits Ireland’s economy, pays off big for two... Read more
Serenity rules over the ample space where neatly placed rows upon rows of plain-looking gravestones, some 750 in all, mark the final resting places of dedicated men who in the long ago invited me into their learning circle and helped steer my young self... Read more
Contrary to some of the criticism directed their way recently, Boston College and its Center for Irish Programs deserve great praise for the courage and good will they have created with multifaceted programs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Notre Dame,... Read more
April was quite a month in Northern Ireland. Despite the best efforts of Irish President Michael D. Higgins and Queen Elizabeth II to increase understanding between Ireland and the UK, serious problems occurred in the North, including rioting, racist... Read more
By Joe Leary Special to the BIR It was exciting, exhausting, and troubling at the same time! For most of us who were born in Ireland or whose families emigrated from Ireland, much of each March has been the focused of the many events celebrating our... Read more
BY JOE LEARY SPECIAL TO THE BIR As we celebrate the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of our Irish heritage, it is natural to reflect on the lives of our ancestors, their sacrifices that brought us to Boston, and the later sacrifices they made to... Read more
BY JOE LEARY SPECIAL TO THE BIR Public documents to be filed with the IRS and many state agencies throughout the United States reveal that The Irish American Partnership headquartered here in Boston raised nearly $900,000 in the year 2013, a 25 percent... Read more
A look at a controversial politician and a remarkable cleric reveals the difference between real history and hazy history BY PETER F. STEVENS BIR STAFF The Microsoft ad is both slick and moving – but there’s one note in it that likely rankles a great many... Read more
BY JOE LEARY SPECIAL TO THE BIR The strength, tenacity, and courage of the Irish people in dealing with their own share of the world’s collapsing economy in the 2007-2009 period should make Irish Americans very proud. Yes, there were abuses and perilous... Read more
The tragedy of the people of Northern Ireland killing each other was memorialized this past October by the families and friends of the 18 victims who died 20 years ago in two of the most tragic atrocities in the North’s difficult history. Today, as... Read more
Irish American Partnership study shows exciting growth Ireland is slowly emerging from its economic disaster and one of the main reasons is the medical device business led by Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and 200 other medical device companies located in... Read more
Echoes of the Past in Boston Politics and Sports By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff Two Boston Irish names at the top of the 2013 mayoral ticket – What’s old in the city’s politics is new again. In a Boston whose demographics are shifting, the fact that the... Read more
The first of two elections to choose the next mayor of Boston has come and gone. Two finalists have been chosen. It’ll be an exciting and informative six weeks until the Nov. 5 balloting. A little more than 30 percent of Bostonians who are registered to... Read more
By Joe Leary Special to the BIR On Friday night, Aug. 9, more than 1,000 rioting Unionist/Loyalist supporters attacked Belfast police while protesting a Sinn Fein parade memorializing the martial law internment of 342 Catholic Nationalists and Republicans... Read more
By Peter F. Stevens BIR Staff It’s “ovah.” Or is it? James “Whitey” Bulger finally stood trial and received a long-belated, long-deserved verdict. One can only hope that his victims’ families received at least some scant measure of solace, courtesy of... Read more
The divide between the Irish Government and the Catholic Church in Ireland became more profound last month with the Irish Parliament’s approval of new laws liberalizing abortion restrictions. The aggressive moves by the Fine Gael/ Labor coalition... Read more
A great many Irish Americans have forgotten that their ancestors’ brogans and workers’ caps were the ‘hoodies’ of their day BY PETER F. STEVENS BIR STAFF No matter where one comes down of the verdict in the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case, ignoring... Read more
BY JOE LEARY SPECIAL TO THE BIR The “Good Friday Agreement” of 1998 has made little difference in the lives of many in Northern Ireland – especially in the disadvantaged areas of both East and West Belfast. Where are the jobs that were promised? The... Read more