ICC hails ‘Riverdancers’ on 20-year anniversary tour

Currently on their 20th Anniversary North American tour, the cast of Riverdance has been performing nonstop for months. By the end, they will have performed in 75 cities, often in multiple shows per day.

Which leaves the question: What do the dancers do on their rare days off?

Last month, they used respite time to visit the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton, where eight members were guests of honor – a public meet and greet, a dance showcase, honorary ICC memberships, and a nice meal – in celebration of their anniversary tour.

“There are now fantastic roles for Irish dancers because of Riverdance,” said ICC’s director of programming and Development, Maudy Dooher.

Almost 100 people, many of them ICC members, gathered to meet the dancers and watch them perform a brief line. Children from local Irish dance schools followed the performers with their own treble reel.

Dooher said the children were in awe of the professionals. “It’s every young dancer’s dream to make it to Riverdance,” she said. “To meet them up close and personal was a real privilege and a special honor for them.”

After the event, the cast members went into Boston for an eight-show run at the Wang Theater.