Anton Glackin releases single My Queen of the May: What would you do if you could only live for a day?

Irish singer songwriter Anton Glackin’s new single, ‘My Queen of the May’, reflects on the short lifespan of the Mayfly on the shores of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland who only live for 24 hours.   This short life span has been used as a literary symbol of the ephemeral nature of life. It also may symbolize the years of preparation for the brief moment when one can fulfill one's destiny. In this romantic ballad Anton sings, “If I had only one day I would share it with you.”

 The song is produced by Peter Ware, (Charlie Landsborough), with contributions from musicians in both Ireland and Nashville.  ‘My Queen of the May’ follows the success of a handful of radio hits for Anton including ‘Dust Clouds’, ‘The Day Hank Williams Died’’, ‘That Dark Horse’, and ‘Don’t Rock where the Alligator Rolls’.  Lisa Johnson of, Belfast 89 FM,  says that Anton is, “One of the most talented, exciting, Singer-Songwriters on the Irish Music scene.”

Prior to the Pandemic, Anton had toured extensively across the mid-west as well as performing in Nashville. He has Shared stages with many well known artists including the late Nanci Griffith and Bagatelle.   Hot Disc nominated Anton as one of their artists of the year and the feedback across that network, which spans as far as Japan and New Zealand, was hugely positive.

 With plans to continue touring the USA when safe to do so, ‘My Queen of the May’ will surely solidify Anton's growing reputation as a noteworthy performer and writer of beautiful songs.  So - “What would you do if you had just one day?”


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