Listen to Brian O'Donovan's March 14 Celtic Sojourn broadcast

Yesterday, I broadcast A Celtic Sojourn Live from our studios in Brighton as I intend to continue doing every Saturday. Under normal circumstances, we would have been performing at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge at the same time, but alas, that was not to be.

So, I went back in our archives and dug out some of the truly amazing recordings, we have made over the years in that same space. As I was reminded by our stage manager extraordinaire Juliet Cocca yesterday, we launched this live series exactly 15 years ago and since the beginning, our intrepid WGBH audio engineer, Antonio Oliart has been recording the music. So we have a treasure trove.

You can listen again to this program by clicking below. It loops, so you migh tome in at a particular time but just keep listening. Also, yesterday i offered access to the two playlists I created to keep you company during this unique St. Patrick's Day period. i was inundated with requests - most ever for such links. If you'd like those links, send an email to and I'll send them out. Lets all please stay in close touch and be uplifting of each other as a deliberate balance to so much other news that will be coming in our direction daily.