Rian's Ronnie Millar announces decision to "step down"

Ronnie Millar, Executive Director, Rian Immigrant Center

In an email message to BostonIrish.com received Feb 1, Millar said he plans to step down from his role as Exec Diector of Rian (formerly Irish Immigration Center), saying "Rian needs a new leader to take our work forward." The text of his message reads in part  :

"It has been one of the great privileges of my life to serve the Rian
Immigrant Center for these past 11 years.  I have worked alongside a
brilliant team of staff, board members, supporters and advisors; and
it has been such an honor.
"Given the strength of our staff team, our solid financial position,
and our dedicated Board of Directors, I believe this is the right time
for me to announce my decision to step down as executive director
after my successor is appointed.  Rian needs a new leader to take our
work forward.
"I am forever grateful for your support, partnership, and friendship.
Together we have accomplished so much as we worked towards creating a
society where all are welcomed, and valued, and enjoy equitable
opportunities and protections; and as we have established Rian as
Boston’s Welcome Center for immigrant families. Thank you!
"I have enormous respect and gratitude for our staff, Board members,
volunteers, donors, and the many community and government partners who
have worked tirelessly in support of immigrants from Ireland and from
more than 120 countries.
"Throughout our history, we have sought to honor the Irish traditions
of hospitality, human rights, and social justice.  Our founder, Sister
Lena Deevy LSA modeled the anti-racist, inter-cultural bridge-building
that we practice today.  Our mission compels us onward.
"My single aim is to ensure a smooth transition, and I have been
working with our Board of Directors and staff to develop a thoughtful
transition plan, and to ensure every aspect of Rian and the
Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative continues smoothly.  I am
confident that Rian will find a leader who will build on our successes
and momentum.
"I don't know what the future holds for me yet but I am excited to
think about my next adventure. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation
for your commitment and support for Rian and the immigrant families we
serve. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to support Rian’s
vision in the future.
"In gratitude and solidarity, Ronnie."