Reporting on Extraordinary Times in the US and the UK: A Morning at the ICC with RTÉ’s Seán Whelan

About this event

First, Seán Whelan of RTÉ had a front row seat for the fallout from the United Kingdom’s 2016 decision to leave the European Union and the tumultuous tenure of Boris Johnson as prime minister. And then, he arrived in the United States and is now tasked with keeping people at home in Ireland updated on the latest developments in a country that is (in)famously divided and at something of a crossroads – facing challenges on many fronts. He has drawn widespread praise for outlining and analysing the hugely complicated state of play in the two countries that Irish people are most connected to, yet increasingly struggle to understand. In a public interview with Larry Donnelly, followed by audience Q&A, Seán Whelan will reflect upon his experience in the UK and thus far in America and share his insights on what lie ahead as British Conservatives choose a successor to Boris Johnson and voters in the US prepare to cast ballots in November’s midterms.

The event will take place at the ICC on Sunday, August 7th, at 11 AM. Tickets are $20.00 and breakfast will be served.

Seán Whelan, who has been with RTÉ since 1991, has covered significant events in Ireland and internationally – such as the war in Kosovo, the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the return of Hong Kong to China and the Lisbon Treaty referendum – across multiple platforms. He spent many years as RTÉ’s Europe editor and as the Irish national broadcaster’s economics correspondent. He then was appointed its London correspondent where he reported extensively on Brexit, the pandemic and UK politics more generally. And in February of this year, he assumed one of the most high profile roles in Irish journalism as RTÉ’s Washington correspondent.

Larry Donnelly is a Boston born and educated attorney who has lived and worked in Ireland since 2001. He is a Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education in the School of Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is also a regular media commentator on politics, current affairs and legal issues in Ireland and the US and a political columnist with His critically acclaimed book, The Bostonian: Life in an Irish American Political Family, was published by Gill in October 2021.

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