Irish Pastoral Centre move set for Aug. 1

The Irish Pastoral Centre in Dorchester’s Adams Corner neighborhood will relocate the first of next month to a new, expanded office space at the rear of 540 Gallivan Blvd. The facility will be accessed on the building’s ground floor, on the Minot Street side off the parking lot of the Boston Sports Club. The program has been operating for several years on the second floor of an office building on Adams Street, just around the corner from the new space. 

In a newsletter published this week, the IPC announced its plans: “We are counting the days to moving into our new home!  So much has been accomplished and we are grateful to all who have helped us thus far. We began with a blank slate not so long ago and suddenly we have walls and bathrooms and a full kitchen along with six offices, a community resource center, and a gathering space on the ground floor at last. We are almost there! 

"We will open on August 1st and we anticipate that we will still be putting on the finishing touches. Many hands have made the load lighter! We are so grateful to all who have contributed thus far. In the meantime, we remain fully operational with our services, and our programs will resume in September.

"Be sure to drop in after we move wo we can show you all that;s been accomplished in a very short period of time. We'll have the kettle on! Many thanks to all.”