Charitable Irish Society of Boston seeks year-end donations

Charitable Irish Society of Boston, The Oldest Irish Society in the Americas, Founded in 1737
Once again this year, the Silver Key Reception will not take place in person because of the COVID-19 crisis, but the needs of immigrants who seek our help have not diminished. Rather, requests for help have increased as many of the people we
serve have lost employment and face housing and food insecurity.                             
Below are some recent examples of the Society's Silver Key assistance. Even though there will be no Reception, we hope that we will be able to meet in person again soon and that you will be able to make a significant contribution to the Silver Key Fund so that we can continue to fulfill our mission:"With Good
Will Doing Service."
Gratefully, and wishing you  
the happiest of holiday seasons!
John D. Warner Jr., President                     

Sandra L. Moody, Keeper of the Silver Key
Recent Silver Key Assistance Grants

• Maria, a 19-year old asylum seeker from Honduras who had been subjected to abuse, received assistance for rent and food so that she could attend school.
• Alma, from the Dominican Republic, came to the US to obtain medical care for her young son. Due to COVID-19, he was unable to complete his treatments within the time specified on their visa. The CIS paid the filing costs for their visa extension.
• James is a young man from Ireland in the US on a J-1 visa for interns. He became ill and while he carried health insurance, it did not cover the cost of the antibiotics he needed which was paid by the CIS.
• Alicia, from Honduras, had suffered significant physical and emotional abuse. She received funding for the cost of a “green card” that will allow her to obtain employment to support herself and her young son.
• Margaret’s husband Mike (both from Ireland) was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. As he was the primary wage earner, their income has severely dropped as their expenses for medication co-pays have risen. The CIS gave this family $1,000.
• Maire came to Boston from Ireland and established her life here. When her mother became seriously ill, the CIS provided Maire with the necessary funds to return to Ireland to be with her mother before she died.
• Bertie Mullin, an Irish immigrant, suffered severe injuries in a fall in October, 2021. The Society provided $1,000 to help with various costs, including the installation of a stair lift in his home.

The Society is currently working to expand the outreach of our services to organizations serving arriving immigrants and refugees from Haiti and Afghanistan.
Your generous contribution to the Silver Key Fund helps us to assist immigrant families such as the Mullins in time of trouble.
The Society has extended the raffle deadline until December 25. For a donation of any amount received, the donor will be eligible in the draw of four Bewley’s “Spirited” holiday gift baskets.
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The Charitable Irish Society
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 Smith Duggan, LLP
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