VP Greeley takes leave of Ireland Funds post

Steve Greeley of Scituate, the Boston-based vice president of the Ireland Funds, stepped down from that post effective June 30. “After nearly twelve wonderful years at The Ireland Funds, and with my 68th birthday approaching, it’s time,” he said. “My objective is not to ‘retire,’ but to have more freedom and flexibility in my life. Jan, my wife and best friend, retired earlier this year and we look forward to starting our next chapters together.

His announcement comes as Caitriona Fottrell replaced David Cronin as Ireland Fund President & CEO. Greeley says he is “working closely with Caitriona on a smooth transition and she looks forward to working with you and the Irish causes you care about.”


Holyoke resident Stephanie C. Joyce has been appointed to a seat on the board of directors of the Irish Cultural Centre of Western New England. After living in the Hungry Hill neighborhood of Springfield for 10 years, she recently returned to Holyoke, and is active in the St. Patrick’s Parade Committee of Holyoke and Storming the Green, Inc.