Immigration center rolls out its new brand: ‘Rian’ Name means ‘path’ in Irish

One of New England’s most celebrated Irish institutions has a new name and brand that leans heavily on its roots while carving a “pathway” into the future.

The Irish International Immigrant Center announced its new name – Rian Immigrant Center – on Feb. 26.

Pronounced “Ree-Ann, the word means “path”in the Irish language.

Rian’s executive director, Ronnie Millar, explained that the new nomenclature serves the dual purpose of honoring the organization’s Irish roots “while reflecting our inclusive mission of empowering immigrant and refugee families on the path to opportunity, safety, and a better future for all.”

The new logo— which includes a series of hexagonal shapes— is “inspired by the Giant’s Causeway on the north coast of Ireland, natural… stones formed 60 million years ago by cooling lava.”

 “Our work has never been in higher demand,” said Millar. “In recent years that path has grown more difficult. Legal obstacles, bureaucratic thickets, even physical barriers obstruct the path to legal status and citizenship. Together with our public and private partners, we are undaunted in navigating those challenges, and we remain steadfast in creating pathways to new beginnings.” 

Founded in the 1980s to meet the demands of a new wave of Irish immigrants to Boston, the original Irish Immigration Centre has broadened its mission and client base over the decades.