Around the Town

Rev. Daniel J. Finn, pastor extraordinaire of St. Mark’s Parish in Dorchester and a persistent advocate for immigrant rights and causes, especially Irish affairs, is now in the real estate business. Four score and seven years after it was founded, his... Read more
To hear Colin Donnell tell it, his family hasn't ever actually researched its roots in Ireland and Scotland. He says his Irish credentials are more physical. "Look at me: Black hair. Blue eyes. It's only been a matter of just how Irish we are," Donnell... Read more
Well-known on the local theater scene, Alice Duffy sure took her time to make her Broadway debut. The 83-year-old is just wrapping up her run in Noel Coward’s “Present Laughter” at the American Airlines Theater in Boston. The child of performers, Duffy is... Read more
Tanya McRae simply describes the best title for her work in television production as "I do it all." And as anyone who works with her can attest, that's an accurate description.  Originally from New York City, but we won't hold that against her, McRae went... Read more
If you've been in Boston for more than a few minutes, you've probably heard Joan Quinn Eastman's voice, and most likely seen her at a social event or even in a movie. The multi-media maven has been involved in Boston's emerging film and television... Read more
With his iPhone in hand, veteran Boston casting director Kevin Fennessy is working his extensive contacts lists to find people willing to work for little money -- very little -- on a low-budget indie movie called "Slip & Fall," which is filming in the... Read more