Brian O'Donovan's Tribute to John Hume

Brian O'Donovan of WGBH Radio posts on Facebook:

John Hume was buried in his beloved Derry last week. He was a giant of a political figure in Northern Ireland through entirety of The Troubles and a constant advocate for peace. His voice was a constant backdrop to my growing up in West Cork, and as far away from the violence and heartbreak of that conflict as you could imagine. He and his Unionist counterpart David Trimble of the Ulster Unionist Party, were awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1998 in recognition of their roles in the Good Friday Agreement signed in that same year, and essentially marking a cessation of violence in the province. In this segment, I pay tribute to this great leader. I talk with Tommy Sands, the Rostrevor singer-songwriter and himself a peace activist, and filmmaker/journalist Robert P. Connolly about his legacy. The segment also uses a musical backdrop and presents a history of the conflict. It features "The Town I Loved So Well," written about John Hume's beloved Derry City and a song he loved to sing himself. I have also included Tommy Sands extraordinary song, The Ballad of John Hume. Brilliant reflection on the man and his life, and his absolute dedication to peace.